January 17, 2013

Fuji Sakana Rash Guard: Product Review

Photo's Courtesy of Terry Neil
It has been my limited experience that grapplers either prefer a rash guard, or don't.  I don't seem to find many folks who sometimes wear one, sometimes don't.  If you are of the former then their are essentially three things you are going to look for in a rash guard; does it wick moisture / does it help me thermo-regulate / does it look nice.  Outside of these three area's their is little to consider other then aesthetics, which is obviously the crown jewel in the case of the "Sakana" rash guard.     

Price wise most rashies fall in the $40-70 range with short sleeves being a bit cheaper then long sleeve versions.  Fuji's "Sakana" design is a long sleeve rash guard that falls into the higher range price wise for rash guards, but so far has hit the mark for me with a very comfortable smooth interior that does not bunch or chafe. 

Weighing just over 8 ounces, the Sakana has proven to be one of the more comfortable rash guards I have ever owned.  A great fit at XL for me it has not shrunk a bit (I tend not to dry my rashies), and wicks away sweat while maintaining a nice even core temp.  The compression is not too restrictive yet tight enough to not roll up the stomach nor forearms. 

Now as far as aesthetics go I think Fuji's Sakana is the hottest design on the market!  A beautiful black and white mosaic of a samurai sparring with waves along with the ever present Koi fish, and demon amongst the mist of the breaking waves.  A homage to several common themes found in Japanese art.  Brush marked kanji for "Budo" (martial way) adorn both the body and the sleeve, with scales bordering the cuff.  The artwork is sublimated so rest assured it will not come off, and so far no fading what-so-ever.  I love the detail and simplicity with black and white really catching the eye, while simultaneously representing yin & yang. 

If you are in the market for a solid rash guard, that is also a wearable piece of art, hit up our friend Aaron Rubin over at Martial Art Supplies dot com.  The Fuji long sleeve Sakana is retailing for $64.99 at MAS.com and you can be redirected via hyperlink by clicking here

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