January 7, 2013

Machado Interview In Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

For just over 2 years now Jiu Jitsu Style has climbed its way to the top of grappling based magazines available, and held that position STRONG!   In their first issue of 2013 they hit it off with an interview with Carlos, Roger and Jean (John Machado's son) Machado talking about the birth of BJJ in America, structuring classes, the difference between promotions in Brazil and North America, along with a handful of great topics!

If you have not already subscribed make sure you do it today.  Jiu Jitsu Style is THE magazine on the market for grapplers of all backgrounds!  Rather hard to find on the newsstands, you can subscribe via any number of formats (iPad/iPhone/single issues / subscriptions etc) by clicking here!

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