January 18, 2013

Rigan Machado This Weekend / No Classes Saturday

A quick reminder that our good friend Rigan Machado is flying in tonight for a great weekend of training in the Pacific NW!  This has turned into the largest seminar NWJJA has ever hosted and promises to be epic, as we are sold out of the gi portion but still have a handful of spots left for the no gi seminar (stop by the dojo at speak with Brian, or give me a shout: 206-941-3232 / three_harmonies@hotmail.com). 

As a reminder their is no Three Harmonies Classes nor Competition class tomorrow at the dojo because of the seminar. 

Also if I may inject one last note: Students please make sure you read the full set of protocol posted throughout the dojo, especially the part that states NO FOOD ON THE MATS.  For those a bit slow on the uptake that most certainly includes gum!  I will not tolerate seeing a piece of gum on the mats, literally ON THE MATS!  We all appreciate your concern for the halitosis you have been rocking but gum is NOT acceptable in the dojo!  Not to mention rolling with it is beyond stupid because you can very easily choke on it!  If you need breathe control I highly suggest Listerine breath strips that melt in your mouth quickly and take care of breath issues. 

Thank you,

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