February 12, 2013

IOC Drops Wrestling From 2020 Games

Once more I awake to sad and unbelievable news... the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has made one of the most ignorant decisions I have seen come down the pike in quite sometime.... the 2020 games will NOT feature wrestling!  That's right folks the IOC has decided to drop both Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling in 2020.

That is right, one of the founding sports of the Olympics has been voted out to make room for new sports.  I am beyond words to be honest.  Of all the worthless sports out there the IOC feels that wrestling is the one to cut!?  EVERY civilization throughout history has some system of grappling that has penetrated its culture.  That cannot be said about Tae Kwon DoDo; Ping Pong; Pole Vault etc.  I mean could you imagine the IOC eliminating all running events!?!?

One reason the IOC has voted wrestling out is poor viewership.... in response I would state this...
First of all watching events in person is RIDICULOUSLY expensive!  I am not even talking about the travel costs, I mean just to get a ticket is crazy expensive, and they make it a weird lottery style to attain such tickets.  A pain in the ass to say the least.

Secondly in terms of TV viewership, the numbers are low because the coverage is scattered and shitty to say the least.  In lieu of putting on wrestling at 3pm on Thursday afternoon for 20 minutes, but it really only comes on when they want to program it... why not put some matches in prime time?  There is an obvious bias towards swimming, gymnastics, and running.  Does not mean we can't interject some wrestling along with educational pieces on the rules and some back stories of the struggles grapplers endure to make it. 

All in all wrestling can be voted back in, but as I understand it no sport has ever been voted right back in after being pulled.  This is a sad day indeed.  I am one of those knuckleheads that honestly believes that grappling is one of those unique arts that can dramatically change ones character and should be required in school!  Perhaps that is a little over the top, but I really do not feel people understand the true positive effect and power that grappling has on participants lives.

One of these days we really need top push our spare tire away from Facebook and Twitter and ask ourselves what we are coming to culturally?!  In my opinion our priorities are quite askew in society.

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