February 19, 2013

John Will's Black Belt Promotion

In some schools when the coach is promoting a black belt, it is common for said coach to remove his black belt and award the student with the teachers actual belt.  This is certainly the case with the Machado brothers, when Rigan promoted John Will to black belt in 1998 as evidenced by a picture from John's personal archives:

L-R: John Machado / John Will / Jean Jacques / Rigan / Guessing Roger in the socks;)

Here is a candid glimpse into the humor of the Machado brothers as Rigan jokingly "demotes" himself to brown belt after promoting John!

John is a member of the "BJJ Dirty Dozen"which are the first 12 non-Brazilian's who have earned black belt status in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.

Pic's like these are important because we quickly forget that we are living history as it happens, but all too quickly people come and go and we miss opportunities to snap a picture to share a memory.  We earn a black belt only once, and it is quite an arduous process simply to attain said rank, as students often spend the better part of 10-12 years to earn faixa preta!

When you get the chance, check out BJJ Dirty Dozen on Facebook.  A small group dedicated to preserving the knowledge and info of BJJ's Dirty Dozen! 

I am glad whomever it was captured this moment on film.
Keep The Ground Never Misses bookmarked as John Will will be visiting the Emerald City sometime in the summer months.  Remember... a black belt is simply a white belt who never quit!  Just keep training!   

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