February 21, 2013

Public Service Announcement: How To Roll With A Celebrity - Taho Kakutani

Attention NWJJA members, Three Harmonies students, and any potential visitors to our academy; We need to address some martial protocol and behavior when in the presence of our very own celebrity Taho "Big Walker" Kakutani (registered TM).  As evident in the following commercial Taho doesn't "need" to workout, but here are a few rules to maintain when Taho blesses us with his presence:

- Much like a gorilla, no direct eye contact when drilling or training

- Wait until after class to request autographs, and please bring your own pen and Advil bottle
- Taho's people will contact your people to schedule a roll.  Please refrain from asking "Wanna' roll braugh?"  (In such a case you have no "people" then refrain from rolling with Taho until said people are acquired!)
- Easy on the back and shoulders.  Again as evident in the video Taho suffers from severe back and shoulder strains due to the incredible amount of money he must carry day in, day out.
- Refrain from cross faces and any chokes so as to avoid damaging the money maker (aka: his face).
- Hold your judgement with your instructor if he has to prematurely promote Taho.  You do not understand the pressure Hollywood types can put on someone!!!! 


  1. Thanks for the guidelines Jake. I was really worried about embarrassing myself the next time I trained with him.

    I assume the velvet rope in the change room is for him also?


    1. Indeed! Don't worry Special K, we will get there someday!