February 25, 2013

San Francisco Open a Success & David Meyer Visits Seattle Soon

With just over 600 competitors filling the Kezar Pavillion, the IBJJF's San Francisco Open was a huge success!  I will report on my fight and break it all down in another post when I have a few more minutes.  The more exciting news is regarding Nino "Elvis" Schembri's return to competition!  He had one match which he dominated and looked solid.  Here is a short interview from Gracie Mag:

Alberto Crane put in a great fight winning his division as well, and we also saw the Miao brothers close out the brown belt weight and absolute.  Personally I think it is boring as watching paint dry with team mates closing out divisions, milking the point system now in the place with the IBJJF's Black Belts.  But no one asked Jake how things should be, so until that day comes....

Overall the San Fran open was run as smoothly and timely as any IBJJF competition I have been to.  Respect and humility were abound and I basked in the great camaraderie of getting on the mat and facing ones fears and weaknesses with your fellow grapplers.  Much respect to all who fought. 

To the left here you see my training partner on Saturday night in preparation for the Open, Pablo, or as he is known in BJJ circle "La Burrito."  Not only is he shaped as such, as one can see he is impossible to choke due to a severe lack of neck!  Just like a Burrito if you squeeze too hard he slips out.  I was forced to resort to paw locks for the remainder of our session. 

Any who.... off to hit the mats with one of my idols, David Meyer, whom by the way is coming to Seattle in the near future so make sure you check out one of the living legends of our sport:

“Mastering Competition Strategy”
   Friday March 15th 6-8pm    $40
Join David Meyer, (one of the most decorated American competitors in BJJ & author of “Training for Competition”) as he shares a blue print to take your competition game to the next level.  Learn to create, establish, and implement a game plan based on your strengths.  David will also be addressing the psychological aspects of competition such as fear, nervousness, anxiety etc.  Come with a notebook and questions.  This is a rare opportunity to speak with the guy who literally wrote the book on competition!  We will also be rolling with David after the seminar so bring a gi and stay after to get your roll on!! 
“Aggressive Open Guard Dynamics”
Saturday March 16th 12-3pm $50 
(Pre-Register for Both Seminars- $80!!)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based upon a foundational understanding and use of your guard, and in this seminar David will share some of the sweeps, submissions, reversals, and fundamentals of developing an aggressive open guard.  Open to any and all levels! 
David Meyer is a 4th degree black belt under the Machado brothers, and a member of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen” – one of the first 12 non-Brazilians to earn black belt!
For more information or to register stop by NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 95th St) or contact Jake Burroughs 206-941-3232 / three_harmonies@hotmail.com

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