March 24, 2013

2013 BJJ Pan Am's: Buchecha Reigns With Double Gold

The 2013 edition of the Pan Am's for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wound down with a setting sun this evening in Irvine, California.  NWJJA's very own Scotty, Spider, and Scrappy all fought tough matches but got out pointed in the first round.  Congrats guys on the honor of fighting in the largest tournament in the world, lets get back on the mat and work out the kinks.  Lots of tournaments this year yet!

The black belt divisions were very well represented this year and the action was fast and furious throughout.  Unfortunately I did not get an opportunity to see most of the fights, but Ace Jiu Jitsu's Marcus Buchecha took double gold on his way to the WPJJ tournament and the Mundials coming up.  Below is a quick recap from what I gathered online (mostly thanks to

Rooster Weight:
          - Caio Terra over Bruno Malfacine 2-0

Light Feather:
          - Gui Mendes defeats Laercio Fernandes 4-2

           - Rafa Mendes squeaks out the ref''s decision over Cobrinha after a 2-2 tie

           - Michael Langhi close's out with Lucas Lepri (BOOOOOOO closing out!  Something needs to   change so the fans can see the fights they pay for.)

           - Clark Gracie tore through the middle weight division, choking Marcelo Mafra to win the gold!

           - Andre Galvao close's out with team mate Guto Campos (BORING!)

           - Tussa beat Nivaldo Lima 2-1 (which saw the heavyweight debut of Lucas Leite!)

            - Leo Nogueira shuts out Gabriel Vella 8-0

             - Buchecha also shuts out Alex Trans 7-0

             - Buchecha bags double gold beating Galvao 4-2

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