March 21, 2013

B-12 Basic BJJ Curriculum Making Waves

It's never too late to get some recognition, and Brian Johnson's "B12 Basic BJJ Curriculum" three volume set is getting some rave reviews.  Our friend the Red Menace herself over at Georgette's Jiu Jitsu World FINALLY (JK G;) threw down the review of the whole B12 set:

"Overall, it's a well-made, nice basic curriculum.  I don't think there are many instructionals like it on the market; maybe the White to Blue material from Roy Dean.  I'd say this series is designed for students without an academy (military members overseas, people in rural areas, people in between academies etc), people looking to practice at home who need visual reminders, AND beginning teachers looking for some guidance or role modeling on teaching."
Georgette's review actually is quite fortuitous for us as it comes JUST as our friends over at  Budo Videos have just started carrying the B12 Curriculum and are featuring it in their DVD new releases! 
Take advantage of their special running now through Sunday in honor of the Pan Am's and take an additional 15% of using the code "pan2013" and grab the entire set at a steal!  

For any of you whom have purchased the curriculum do us a favor and and please leave a review on Budo Videos and/or Amazon by following the links above and leaving a comment.  Also make sure you stay tuned to the Ground Never Misses for the latest news regarding Brian's forthcoming DVD on the "Entangled Arm" which is a unique position to work from closed guard that he has become rather well known for, as seen here with his hooks guard:


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