March 3, 2013

Buchecha and The Science of Skill

Late last year I had a great opportunity to train with Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida here in the Seattle area, and piggy backing off my post my good friend  Daniel Faggella over at The Science of Skill shared his thoughts on Buchecha and his approach to leg attacks which can be viewed by clicking this hyperlink.
Dan and I have talked about this privately and he feels Buchecha still is NOT getting the respect he deserves from the BJJ community, which is a bold statement for sure but not unfounded.  Buchecha is literally tearing through competition and with the upcoming 2013 Pan Am's coming up, if any doubters still exist my prediction is they will be silenced. 

Keep in mind these are biased opinions coming from Dan and myself since we both are self admitted leg lock addicts as is Buchecha!  After reading Daniels post on Buchecha's leg attacks head on over to BJJ Leglocks to sneak a peak at what Daniel has to offer when it comes to training leg attacks.

Going Imanari style on the big dudes:

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