March 19, 2013

Pan Am's 2013 Edition.... Kick Ass and Take Names!

Wanted to throw out a massive "GOOD LUCK" to all the competitors from NWJJA (Spider / Brett / Scotty / Scrappy), Ace JJ, RCJ Machado, and all fighters from across the world at the 2013 Pan Am's.  Once again the Pan Am's have topped the attendance from the previous year with well over 3000 competitors infiltrating So Cal this week to fight!  Considered one of the three top tournaments throughout the year (Pan Ams / Euro Open / Worlds) the Pan Am's draw in the best of the best in BJJ.  Unfortunately yours truly will have to sit this one out due to a nasty fiscal choke that has been applied, but fear not I will be back on the mats fighting in no time.

Kick ass, take some names, learn something about yourself and your art, but most of all.... have fun guys!



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