March 1, 2013

Training With David Meyer

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I have had the fortune to train with four of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's famed "Dirty Dozen" (first twelve non-Brazilians to attain black belt rank), Roy Harris / Bob Bass / John Will / David Meyer, and each one of them brings a different element to the game.  The friendship I have nurtured most has been with David Meyer due in part to my not-frequent-enough visits to the Bay Area, and more so with the relationship I have with my coach Brian Johnson. 

This past Monday I had a golden opportunity to get on the mat with David at the El Nino training center in the Dog Patch of San Fran.  And though we spent just over an hour rolling and training, I feel like I walk away with a months worth of lessons.  David's teaching is succinct, riddled with dry humor, and most importantly he possesses an uncanny ability to truly decipher what you need (not necessarily what you asked for or want per se). 

The main difference I personally see in training with someone like David who has 35+ years of grappling experience, and is THE most decorated American grappler in BJJ history, is that guys from his era of training are extremely well rounded!  No offense to the crazy competitors today who specialize in one series of moves and become very, very good at tournament BJJ, but many of these high level stars have neglected certain aspects of their games. 

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Without boring you to death with details David offered a perspective on setting up my gi chokes that I had never thought of before, and I can already see improvements last night on the mat in my rolling because of it.  Likewise he gave me some solid pointers on following up with my sweeps when they fail, to be less accepting.  Sounds like a good metaphor for life. 

So what is my point with this wandering diatribe you ask??  Well this was all nothing more then a teaser for David's upcoming series of seminars here in the Pac NW.  You are fool if you miss out on this opportunity to train with literally one of the best out there:

“Mastering Competition Strategy”
   Friday March 15th 6-8pm    $40
Join David Meyer, (one of the most decorated American competitors in BJJ & author of “Training for Competition”) as he shares a blue print to take your competition game to the next level.  Learn to create, establish, and implement a game plan based on your strengths.  David will also be addressing the psychological aspects of competition such as fear, nervousness, anxiety etc.  Come with a notebook and questions.  This is a rare opportunity to speak with the guy who literally wrote the book on competition!  We will also be rolling with David after the seminar so bring a gi and stay after to get your roll on!! 
“Aggressive Open Guard Dynamics”
Saturday March 16th 12-3pm $50 
(Pre-Register for Both Seminars- $80!!)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based upon a foundational understanding and use of your guard, and in this seminar David will share some of the sweeps, submissions, reversals, and fundamentals of developing an aggressive open guard.  Open to any and all levels! 
David Meyer is a 4th degree black belt under the Machado brothers, and a member of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen” – one of the first 12 non-Brazilians to earn black belt!
For more information or to register stop by NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 95th St) or contact Jake Burroughs 206-941-3232 /

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