July 10, 2013

10 Year Old Guard Passing, Alberto Crane's Crazy Omoplata's, and Rodolfo Viera's Takedown Breakdown... Video Wednesday Is Here!

Wanted to share a few "must see" videos with you guys.  Regardless of what styles you train I think there is something in all of these of value.

Fair warning... this first vid will make any father breakdown with tears of joy as this 10 year old girl teaches two of the best guard passes by two of the best guard passers in BJJ (Rommulo Barral & Leo Lo) in awesome detail!  Too cute:

Alberto Crane is a friend and coach of our academy here in Seattle, as well as being one of the most dominant tournament fighters of the 1990's!  A student of Draculino, Alberto is known for his aggressive style and shows a couple follow ups to the omoplata here:

Lastly but certainly not least we have BJJ Scout's latest video breakdown where he analyzes Rodolfo Viera's awesome Judo game.  What he is referring to as "planes" is exactly what my teacher Tim Cartmell termed "dead angles" and this video is arguably one of the best explanations of this fundamental principle of throwing!  To read the entire takedown - breakdown click here to be redirected!

Study Hard.  Train Hard.  Party Hard!

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