July 2, 2013

1914 BJJ: Best Gi's / Kimono's on the Market

Hard to tell but that is a silver medal and purple belt.
Also wanted to send a shout out to Blake Kerr over at 1914 BJJ.  Not only do they manufacture the best fitting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi's on the market, Blake will take the time to answer any question and ensure you get the best fit for your grappling needs.  I have worn my 1914 Gi in competition for over 2 years now and it is NOT showing an ounce of wear nor tear. 

1914 was an integral facet in me taking silver at the Jean Jacques Machado Canadian Open this past weekend.  I got bumped into the brown belt division where I had two hard fought matches.  The first against one of Jean Jacques top brown belts whom I beat 7-0.  The second fight I got     caught in a nutcracker that was TIGHT! 

Thanks Blake for keeping me sharp on the mats!  Check out 1914 BJJ and get yourself an awesome gi today! 

Nothing like the feeling of a legend congratulating you as he drapes a silver medal around your neck!  


  1. Though I do agree that 1914 has a great looking GI, I can not say the same for the quality or the customer service. I got GI from them in December and had a tear in the pants a few months later. I emailed 1914 and got only one reply but no answer to my question.
    I was happy with the service when I was making a purchase, however when there was a problem they failed to return contact.

  2. I have not yet had a reply. The problem is still there present. I would understand if nothing could be done, however I see it as unprofessional to not reply to inquiries.

  3. My brother ordered a GI 3 weeks ago. Website promised shipping in 5-7 days. They are not responding to his emails. Is there any phone number to reach customer service?