July 24, 2013

2013 JJ Machado Canadian Open: Match Videos

Finally after having fits with Youtube for the last few weeks I was able to upload my videos this weekend from the Jean Jacques Machado Canadian Open in Windsor, ON.  Upon arrival Ron Dupuis informed me that there were not any purple belts my size/experience level, and he nervously asked me if I would mind fighting a brown belt my size?  "Of course I am game Ron!" was my only response.  By the time our bracket was getting warmed up another brown belt, Bryan Dobs, had joined in the fun making it a brown belt absolute division. 

Scott was my first opponent and he is one of Jean Jacques top brown belts from LA, whom just recently moved back to Michigan with his wife.  Scott is damn near identical in size (though I am much better looking) and so this made a good draw for my first brown belt match ever. 

I had pulled my psoas the week before and my body was not having anything to do with any adduction movement with my right (dominant) leg, so I decided to pull guard.... which on video looks painfully slow and awkward, though in my head it went smooth as Ex-Lax! Even with Ron yelling and trying to distract me (dirty Canadian tactics.... I was unphased, dealing with Canucks all my life ;)  As usual with my opponent standing I go right into De La Riva guard (funny side note... never meant to become a DLR player, just happened) and start to work my sweep.  Luckily I keep my balance and end up on top where I started to work my pressure. 

Scott was a great test for me as he is my exact size and keeping that in mind I really tried to spread myself out and isolate my pressure.  I even started to attack his wrist a bit when I trapped his arm with the gi, but Scott did really well defending everything I threw his way and I ended up winning on points 7-0!

My second match was against Bryan Dobs who was just promoted the day before to brown belt at the Jean Jacques seminar.  Bryan in a word.... squirrely!  Homeboy can connect his elbow and knee building a frame like no other!  I made a few fundamental mistakes such as not cross facing and controlling his head better and I paid dearly for it.  Scrambling back and forth I end up in Bryan's guard and he has broken my posture down.  Unbeknownst to me he was working a tiny, but lethal, fist slowly into my neck for a nutcracker choke.  Little bugger nailed it!

50/50 Winner with a badass shirt!
I look forward to rolling with him again as I was truly impressed with his ability to keep me off balance working from the bottom, as well as his beautifully timed escapes.   

Again I can't thank my opponents and Ron Dupuis enough for a great time and experience.  Made lots of new friends and I look forward to seeing you all at the Machado camp and future events!

Also wanted to thank my sponsor 1914 BJJ, best gi's on the market!  My partners and everyone who helped me prep for this tournament, and of course my coach and mentor Brian Johnson.... never has steered me wrong.  

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