July 11, 2013

Origin BJJ: Meeting Pete and Dedeco

Jiu Jitsu brotherhood gi

I mentioned in my previous post on the 2013 Worlds that one of the greatest aspects of the martial arts is the camaraderie and sense of kinship you have with your fellow warriors, especially when you fight each other.  Walking the mezzanine of the Pyramid at UC Long Beach you literally rub elbows with the best fighters in the world, along side some of the greatest coaches and instructors the art has ever known!  So it should come as no surprise that I took full advantage of the opportunity to speak with Origin BJJ owners Pete Roberts and Andre "Dedeco" Almeida who were both visiting the 2013 Mundials.

This marked the first time I have met either Pete or Dedeco in person as all of our communication has been via email and phone.  I was fortunate enough to contact Pete a couple of years ago prior to Origin really being on the radar screen.  I noticed their Genesis 550 gi online and simply asked if I could offer a review and a great symbiotic relationship was born.  Flash forward to mid 2013 and I find it hard to keep up with everything Origin is doing!

First and foremost Origin gi's are now 100% made in the USA!  This is HUGE news as Origin will be the first major BJJ kimono manufacturer to be completely run and made in the United States out of Farmington, Maine.  To check out a complete story on the AWESOME compound they are rocking up in Maine check out the May issue of Jiu Jitsu Magazine where editor Mike Velez gets an inside look at operations from start to finish.  Pete shares the struggles and hardship Origin has gone through just to get something made and done with the utmost quality and affordability in mind.  

They say mimicry is the highest form of flattery, but Pete pointed out another vendor at the worlds who had blatantly ripped off Origin's exact design of the Origin Mundial Backpack.  And when I say exact I mean dude at Dom Fight Gear simply replaced Origin logo with his own and changed the color scheme.  Everything else is exactly the same only made poorly.  This is frustrating to Pete because of the hard work he and Dedeco have put into Origin.  They are constantly thinking about new innovations to improve our rolling experience.  For instance Dedeco explained the positive feedback they were getting from the new swivel buckle design on the gi pants for Origin!  People love how snug they are and nothing comes loose while rolling.

Small things such as the swivel buckle or the built in rash guard on the special edition Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Gi Origin manufactured last year.  With plans to release one or two special project type gi's a year, and though the boys are being tight lipped on what their plans are, you are promised a great gi!

Great stitching is a trademark of Origin's!
With the economy in the state it is here in the United States, lets take a moment and really think about where we want to spend our money.  Wouldn't you rather spend a few extra bucks more knowing that the company you are purchasing from is employing folks in a rural Maine town?  When you call and receive great customer service its because you talk to someone at the company, not some call center in the middle of India.  100% manufactured in the United States means you are giving back to our economy in the truest sense of the word, supporting the small businessman and his employees!

All Photos courtesy Terry Neil
Check out Origin's excellent website where they offer everything from gi's to backpacks, to rash guards and grip trainers!  

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