July 20, 2013

Robson Moura on the Evolution Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Robson Moura is the man!  Multi time world champion, producer of multi world champions, and all around classy cat lays down a short interview where he talks about the current state of BJJ with the lack of aggressive attacking in tournaments, the loyalty (or lack there of) factor in BJJ, and the difference in mindset from even 10 years ago in the art we love.  Some call it an evolution. 

Moura is an ambassador for the gentle art, but his words ring true with most traditional arts.  I have seen the same things he sees in BJJ happen in traditional Japanese arts as well as the Chinese martial arts.  Loyalty, respect, dedication.... all seem to words fading into antiquity.

Someday I will train with this man!  Until then lots of food for thought here that will unfortunately will fall upon many a deaf ear:

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