July 31, 2013

Survey Says.... More Sambo

According to the 30 of you that voted on our poll this past week, you all want to see more Sambo, wrestling, and Kali!  Sambo took over with a surprising 66% of the votes.  I never realized I had so many folks interested in Sambo!?  For those of you new to grappling, Sambo is a Russian martial art that is also a sport which relies heavily upon throws and takedowns, and is renown for its ruthless leg locks. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  13 (43%)
  4 (13%)
Kung Fu
  4 (13%)
  8 (26%)
Muay Thai
  4 (13%)
  13 (43%)
  2 (6%)
  20 (66%)
  15 (45%)                                                                                                       

Votes so far: 30
  I shall do my best to oblige with this nice HL clip of Igor Kurinnoy, arguably the most decorated and talented Samboist to compete.  I had the privilege of training with him a couple years back, and I can honestly say the man moves at a scary velocity (as demo-ed in this clip).  Sadly I can find VERY little actual competition footage of him online, but rest easy knowing that I will be offering more Sambo clips and highlights in the future for sure.  

Here is a recent short bio of Kurinnoy's accomplishments and a bit of history on his ascent to the top of Sambo ranks.   In the meantime enjoy these awesome throws and wicked leg attacks accompanied by native Ohio boy RJD2:

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