August 8, 2013

B12 BJJ Curriculum on Android

Seven years ago today I walked into the  NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (was "club" then) and began my training under  2nd degree Machado black belt Brian Johnson.  He has not been able to get rid of me since!  A lot has happened in that short period of time including Brian producing a three DVD set on his "Basic 12 BJJ Curriculum."  The ground breaking DVD series showcases Brian's true talent in conveying information and building a solid foundation shines forth on this set of instructionals.  

Now we are happy to announce that the "B12 Basic BJJ Curriculum" is available for the Android Phone!  Take all the same lessons from the DVD series on the road with you when you travel, or simply bring your phone on the mat to use as a reference as you train and practice with your partner! 

Quite simply THE best fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructional on the market!  A bold and biased opinion which makes it no less accurate, you will not regret this purchase regardless of your rank or experience in grappling.  But don't take my word for it, check out what these reviewers had to say about the curriculum:

Click here to read the review Georgette "The Red Menace" Oden did.

And DSTRYRsg's great review as well!

So after you finish giving input on the poll to your right, all you Android users out therepurchase the app directly from Amazon by clicking here. 

can now

If you are new to the app marketplace simply click here and follow the simple few steps to get started. 

Or if you are still "olde school" then you can simply  click here and be directed to Amazon's page to order the DVD version of the B12 BJJ Curriculum.

However you order it, make sure to check it out and watch your game jump! 

On a personal note... thank you Brian.  You have changed my life for nothing but the positive and given me a gift I can never repay!  I am so grateful of the past 7 years and look forward to seven  more!


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