August 14, 2013

Dennis "Wheels" Wicker

When I first set foot in American Kenpo Karate on Hill & Byrne well over 20 years ago there was an individual within the school that stood apart from everyone else.  Superficially one would immediately see the physical differences, Wheels was confined to a wheelchair since childhood...  a relic of a time before Polio was eliminated.  But above and beyond that Wheels had a voice.  A love.  A passion.  It was martial arts.

His loyalty to Sensei Mike Sherman can never be questioned as he taught and trained alongside Mr Sherman for over 35 years!  That is right... over 3 and a half decades!  Wheels had the best sense of humor not afraid to laugh at any inappropriate (I mean really... his name is "Wheels") joke, and regardless of your mood he put a smile on your face with his positive attitude.  Hell.... I have known the man for 20 plus years and I am not sure Wicker is actually his last name, LMAO!!!

Shit dude, I was hoping to catch up next time I came home.  Mike and I were going to buy you lunch and catch up.  I guess you will have to reserve me a table mi amigo, and have one on me.

Good bye friend, I hope your passing was peaceful and quick.


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