August 9, 2013

Good Luck NWJJA at the UGF This Weekend

The UGF (United Grappling Federation) makes its second annual stop in Seattle, WA. this weekend, and I wanted to wish all of NWJJA's fighters the best of luck tomorrow.  Kick some ass Perry / Ray / Spider / Kamau / Ivan / Rick and anyone else I do not know of. 

Owner and operator of UGF Mike Uhlinger stopped by with Lenna last night to train and had this to say about NWJJA: 

"Great training with everyone tonight. I am always blown away by how great your school is. We travel all over the country and train at a lot of places and your school is one of the best. Amazing instruction, great people ,and a great facility!"

A huge compliment from a great guy, running a great tournament.  On that note if anyone wants to make a few bucks by helping out, the UGF pays cash money and/or free tournament entry for time keepers and ring coordinators.  Those interested in helping out on Saturday contact Mike at 

Either way make sure to support Mike, the UGF, and our fighters at the ONLY tournament that is actually hosted in the city of Seattle!  



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