August 19, 2013

Machado Five Brothers Camp Update

Hey guys, there is a LOT going on this fall so I wanted to make sure to keep you up to date on the happs for the RCJ Machado five brothers camp coming up this October 25-27th!

This years event will be held at Carlos Machado's academy "The Colony" which is about 30 miles away from his Farmers Branch location.  We are currently working out a better deal with a local hotel so please be patient as we work to get all attendees the best price possible.  If you have made reservations elsewhere I would suggest cancelling them in order to be closer to the camp.

As always for more information visit RCJ Machado Pro, and/or make sure you like RCJ Machado on FB if you are so inclined.  Those who share this event with the most folks on FB in the next week wins free admission to the camp!  Also make sure to chime in on the waning hours of the poll to your right.

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