August 7, 2013

POW MMA Program for PTSD Soldiers / Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Just finished watching "Fight Club" episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.  An amazing episode that showcased Todd Vance and the Pugilistic Offensive Warrior (POW) MMA club he started for soldiers returning home with PTSD and various other psychological issues.  Those who found no solace in therapy, drugs, or booze have found peace and discipline in Vance's POW program.

An appalling 22 veterans take their life each and every day!  EVERY DAY!  That is nearly one an hour!  UNACCEPTABLE!  We all owe them a debt of gratitude as we have voted their top commander into service, whom in turn has put our kids into all sorts of clusters worldwide.  Take a moment and offer whatever support you can as every soldier returning home deserves help and guidance.  Unfortunately most of our administration do not see eye to eye with that opinion.  Well.... they are wrong! 

Todd Vance and POW

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