August 11, 2013

Tim Cartmell Interview with AWMA -"True To The Original Directive"

My friend and teacher Tim Cartmell of Ace Jiu Jitsu was recently interviewed by Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA) and offered some interested insights into the martial realm as well as sharing this video clip.  I've said it once I will say it again, Tim is one of the most underrated martial artist / instructors alive today.  relatively unknown.  An amazing competitor whose eye for detail is eerily perceptive, Tim is one of the martial arts best kept secrets! 

"In actuality, there is no ‘Internal/External’ dichotomy, nor even separate ‘styles’, there are only individuals moving and fighting.  Labeling movement and fighting skills as ‘styles’ is just a convenient way of organizing types of training and technique.” - Tim Cartmell

To read the full interview click here!

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