August 10, 2013

UGF Washington Results

Congrats to all the NWJJA fighters that put it on the line today at the UGF Washington state championships.  My apologies I could not be there to support, but I am hoping that my list is accurate despite spotty field reporting.  Regardless of outcome everyone's training has stepped up a notch... Brian and I were just talking about it the other night, great rolling and training lately!   

Kamau Kurnel: No Gi Bronze / Gi Gold
Jordan: Blue belt gi Silver
Chris "Spider Stache" Webb: Purple gi Silver / Advanced No Gi Bronze
Ivan Moran: Blue belt gi bronze / No Gi silver
Ray "Ray Ray" Luiggi: Old Man Purple Belt Division Silver
Eamon Clarke: white belt gi bronze

If I missed anyone my apologies.  A special shout out and congrats to Rick Monce who won his first competition fight ever.  Unfortuantely he has a tough division where he lost his next two so did not place, but a great showing for his first BJJ competition!

Congrats again team, remember...regardless of outcome, you have won just training and stepping up to the fight!


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