November 26, 2013

"Domination" - Control the Wrist, Control the Game: Carlos Machado's Wrist Control Instructional

Red Black Belt Carlos Machado has just released a brand new instructional called "Domination," and it is all about controlling your opponents wrist/grips.  We all know the grip game is essential to BJJ and at the highest levels the first to dominate the grip is usually the first to win!

From Prof. Carlos:
"Want a better sweep game against a more seasoned opponent?  Want to escape easier against anyone, even if you are still a beginner?  How can a white belt last a bit longer against a black belt?  That, and many more answers can be found at this easy to follow, broken down video of my "Domination" concept, where the simple knowledge of how to control the wrist can become a game changer for students of all ages and levels.
 Remember, the one who controls the grip first will determine how the match

So for those gentlemen bored on Black Friday while the ladies are out shopping, sit back and spend an hour with a legend improving your game while battling the tryptophan hang over.  It is only $19.99 and runs 50 minutes!   I am currently viewing it for a future review on The Ground Never Misses, but for those who can't wait click here to be redirected! 

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