November 25, 2013

Gui Mendes (Art of Jiu Jitsu): Sportsmanship, Class & Bullying

Though this debate is over a week old, I must take opportunity to use my blog and put Gui Mendes on blast for his "performance" last week at the 2013 Rickson Cup in Japan.  Fighting my friend and local (to the Pac NW) instructor Nate Adamson of Seaside BJJ, Gui Mendes decided to play the role of douche-waffle by running up the score before submitting him in what I can only construe as an attempt to stroke his ego and embarrass Nathan. This was Nate's first competition at black belt.

I have seen the Mendes boys, gym name is Art of Jiu Jitsu, throw fits at referee's for opponents with poor sportsmanship many a time, yet when the table is turned they seem rather comfortable filling the roll of bully.  What?  Too strong of a word?  Help me discern the difference with this video?  I know Nathan personally and I know that he is the first to admit when he is out skilled and he is one of the most humble fighters on the mat, so he has been kind in his approach to all this.  But the reality is Gui had plenty of opportunities to submit Nate, and all he did was watch the scorecard (literally watch him look at the score every 30 seconds!) and deliberately run up the numbers on his opponent, skipping over opportunities to submit him, and even purposefully allowing Nathan to re-guard just so Gui could pass and get the points again!  These are the actions of a bully! 

For parents researching Art of Jiu Jitsu (AOJ) for their children I hope you take a look at this video below and ask yourself if this is the individual you want teaching your kids BJJ?  Is this the level / lack of sportsmanship & class you wish to pay to be ingrained in your children? 

For Gui... grow up and act like the black belt tied around your waist means something other then the right to bully fellow competitors regardless of skill level!  

Shame on you Gui Mendes!  Shame on you! 


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  2. So, in attempt to get the some sort of understanding, has anyone asked Gui why he did this? Is there any incentives, aside from pure maliciousness, that would lead him to do this. Does he gain ranking or were points close for team trophy or something. I'm not condoning his actions or saying that circumstances would make what he did acceptable, but it just seems weird for him to just toy with someone for no reason. I appreciate any information that you can give.

    Ross Erickson

    1. Ross in all fairness no I have not. I scoured the internet looking for a response from him but found nothing. In all honesty there is not a way he could spin this that would change my opinion. He could have finished this 25 points sooner but he CHOSE not too!

  3. Maybe he just wanted a workout? And for his opponent, at least he could say that he got to roll with a world champ for 7 mins.

  4. Maybe he just wanted a workout? And for his opponent, at least he could say that he got to roll with a world champ for 7 mins.