November 13, 2013

Jean Jacques Machado

A lot of fanfare for the UFC this week as it turns 20 young years old, and at risk of stealing some thunder I wanted to take a moment and recognize one of the forefathers of MMA... Jean Jacques Machado!  One of the most technical BJJ stylists of our lifetime, Jean Jacques is truly a walking encyclopedia of grappling.  A man whom due to his disability, dare I say invented, revolutionized the underhook and hooks in games! 

Brian, myself, and a few other students of NWJJA have had the privilege of training under JJM before, but this weekend we bring the professor to you... Jean Jacques Machado will be teaching a no gi seminar at the NWJJA this Sunday at 12pm (sorry... Saturdays gi seminar is sold out!), here in Seattle! 

So before singing accolades to the UFC make sure you check out the storied history of Professor Jean Jacques Machado:

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