January 6, 2014

2013 a Year in Review for the Blog - The Ground Never Misses

2013 was not the best year for me personally.  Arguably the worst.  If I had to summarize it in one word, that word would be "gravity."  Gravity is true and honest regardless of circumstance.  Paratroopers say "gravity's a bitch."  My coach Tim Cartmell would say "Gravity doesn't lie, and the ground never misses."  I would concur with both sentiments.  The last couple rotations around the sun have proved to be quite brutally honest for me, and I have done my best to turn it positive via my training and this blog.

Though it did not translate to my tournament game, the past year has been stellar for me training wise.  I truly feel I have made some serious leaps and bounds in understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Pekiti Tirsia Kali.  And the progress I have seen in my students reassures me that my coaching skills have not diminished in the chaos of life.  But this very blog  is the success story of 2013 as I approach 5 years of consistent information and opinions on The Ground Never Misses.  With over 300 posts for the calendar year I have collected the top blog posts per number of unique views.  Check it out:

 Here is to a positive 2014 filled with hard training and great advancement! 

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