January 15, 2014

Ethnic Wrestling of African and Kazakh Cultures

Wrestling in one form or another is universally shared across all political and geographic borders.  Cultures have developed specific styles and rule sets, but ultimately grappling is grappling.  With much thanks to Wrestling Roots here is a short photo essay on the Kazakh wrestling horseman called audaryspak.  Some researchers believe that the nomadic ancestors of what is now Kazakhstan were the first to domesticate horses, so it seems only natural that they developed a whole style of grappling on horseback.  Born of war and combative experience I can honestly say I have never seen such a thing.

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And here we have a couple videos of traditional Lutte from Niger.  A rough wrestling art rooted in hundreds of years of practice.  Africa has some of the toughest, most skilled grapplers I have ever seen.  And yes, that is a fattie he is toking before the fights.  A common practice in Africa is to smoke marijuana to ease anxiety, and numb pain.

And Rousey has nothing on this dude:


  1. Hey, Staying in touch with your culture is great. But I'm sure after a few minutes Anderson was saying, "shit, get me back to the states where my opponents wear underwear and I dont have to have sweaty balls on my instep!". lol.Thank you!

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