January 13, 2014

"Everyone Can Be Strong": Virtual Skogg Will Ring Your Bell

It is time once again to own up to your resolutions by whipping yourself into shape, and Michael Skogg is here to help with an online training program called Virtual Skogg.  The kettle bell craze has simmered down a bit in the fitness industry and what that means to us the consumer is we get to experience the true leaders in the kettle bell industry who have stuck around, Michael Skogg being one of them.  Michael Skogg has over two decades of skill and training to offer on his virtual online training system, and after the past couple of months reviewing his program I must say this is your New Years resolution solution. 

The kettle bell is one of the most versatile training utensils available on the market today.  Compact.  Easy to use, and the fact you do not need a ton of space to train it makes the bell a perfect addition to any martial arts studio or gym.  Kettle bell training offers a bevy of attributes to the grappler and striker alike where aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training are as simple as grabbing a bell and hitting the start button on your mobile device to instantly load up over 70 unique fifty minute training session with Skogg directly.

With over 70 different classes archived in the library right now, Skogg is constantly updating the menu and offering more workouts.  The workouts have theme's in general and offer progressively more difficult variations for the more experienced, with each session starting out with Skogg (who teaches all the classes) explaining any different or new movements as well as offering variations on certain movements for emphasis on different minor muscle groups.  The lessons are extremely easy to follow along and the beauty of online streaming is you can pause and rewind at your leisure.

Technically I had no issues at all. With a solid internet connection you are solid meaning you can take this workout with you ANYWHERE!  Outside.  In the living room.  At the dojo.  Traveling in the hotel.  Literally anywhere you have internet access you have a workout.  I had a couple of issues when first logging in that were totally my fault, and Sue Skogg (COO of Skogg) got back to me in eerily quick time.

Required equipment is minimal with this program.  A single kettle bell appropriate for your conditioning level, is all you need to get started.  As you progress you will want another bell.  Multiple bells are not necessary at first, but obviously it would allow you to do progressive weight training etc.  One of the best aspects about Skogg is he offers variations for different body types and levels of fitness.   As you make it through the various workouts it is not until about session 60 when you need cross core (essentially a suspension system much akin to TRX).  These are more advanced workouts and will be months into your training.

And talk about timing, here is a free class Skogg uploaded to Youtube so you can get a taste of what he has to offer:

All of this from Portland's most progressive personal trainer who specializes in combat sports conditioning (Skogg trains at the brand new Renzo Gracie Portland Academy) for everything from MMA to BJJ.  A monthly subscription is more affordable then any local gym at $19.99, but if you use coupon code: SK14 when you click on this link to Virtual Skogg you will save 50% at $9.99!  This is a limited offer so make sure to sign up ASAP and sign up today. 

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