January 7, 2014

"For Love of the Fight" - The Rhakine Wrestling Culture

The Rhakine and their wrestling culture are new to me, as my knowledge of Myanmar is limited at best.  Renowned for their fighting vigor and prowess, the Rhakine grapplers are reviving their native style:

“This is a kind of game you hardly ever see in Yangon. I became so proud of this event as a Rakhine person when I saw that this tournament can be held in Yangon unitedly and with so many spectators,” said a member of the crowd.
“I always feel heartened when I hear the sound of the royal drum while I’m in the ring. I couldn’t stay cool while I heard that sound,” said Ko Kyaw Swe, a 25-year old Rakhine wrestler of tall and powerful build. He lives in Rakhine State and works as a high school teacher. Today he laughed heartily as he waited for his next rival in the ring."

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