January 28, 2014

Hakuho's Dominant Performance at January 2014 Basho

Hakuho is one of my favorite Sumo wrestlers of all time, and this recent January 2014 basho illustrates exactly why I love to watch him and Sumo in general.

First and foremost check out this AMAZING inside knee prop (Uchimuso) he nails on Kotoshogiku.  This is an incredibly rare throw all set up off of Kotoshogiku over committing his weight into Hakuho:

So that was day 14, where day 15 has yokozuna Hakuho (14-0) taking on Kakuryu (13-1).  IF Hakuho wins it will be his 28th Emperors Cup.

SPOILER ALERT.... So when you have a tied record on day 15 of a basho, it forces the two wrestlers into a sudden death playoff.  What better timing then a winner takes all end to the January basho just before the American superbowl!?  If Kakuryu wins it will be his first Emperors Cup:

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