February 7, 2014

Archive Sumo Bouts on Youtube

Hey guys, if you get a moment I think it is important to help our brother Araibira in Hawaii out with getting Sumo bouts archived on Youtube for those of us that cannot view them from NHK.  Here is his message and a link to the petition:

Aloha, my name is Araibira. Recently, Ustream Asia deleted my YouTube channel on the grounds of copyright infringement. I lost over 24,000 sumo videos. The Nihon Sumo Kyokai needs to reestablish my channel, so that they may archive the footage of my work. The lost of these videos is a lost to the entire sumo community around the world. With your help, we must ask NSK to reestablish my channel and have them create a YouTube page to further extend the archive of sumo footage for future generations of sumo fans. Mahalo and thank you! Keep sumo alive.

Click here to sign the petition and get Sumo archived on Youtube.

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