February 17, 2014

RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp: Oz Version 2015

I have a surprising number of Australian readers that I wanted to make sure were made aware of an AMAZING opportunity knocking on their front doors... Our friend and coach John Will is proposing hosting the Machado brothers for two separate camps in Australia later this year and needs your help.  Below is the flier and a message from Will.  PLEASE do not dismiss this post just because we are over a year out for this planned seminar.  First of all you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to train with five of the best BJJ practitioners ever!  Secondly please realize it is incredibly difficult to get visa's in Australia so planning must be made well in advance.  For more info click here.

a quick update re: the proposed 5 Brothers Camp.
    The plan – albeit it in the early stages – is to bring all five Machado Brothers out for a full weekend of training in May 2015.
    Ideally – depending on interest and numbers – I am proposing two camps – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.
This is to ensure that we cater for everyone …
    The Sydney-based Camp (a Friday-Sat-Sunday event) would cater for the ACT, NSW and Qld – whereas the Melbourne-based Camp would cater for Vic, SA, WA and NZ.  This would also minimise traveling for those living in either NSW and Vic – where we imagine we would pull the larger portion of attendees from. Apologies to all those living in other states and in New Zealand – but it’s the only solution I can come up with at this point.

   The first step is to have Carlos Machado’s wife Lindsay – investigate to process of obtaining Temporary work visas for the event – once that is done – we shall book venues and lock in dates – and of course – take names to secure spots.
   So that’s it … an awesome plan – and although we are still a long way off – it might be worth buying yourself a 5 brothers piggy bank and attacking in a dollar a day between now and May 2015. Easy.

Best wishes all
with respect
John Will

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