April 9, 2014

Minowaman Breaks Goran Jettingstad's Leg - IGF 1

MMA legend, and renown leg attack artist, Ikuhisa Minowaman fought Goran Jettingstad in Tokyo Japan at the inaugural IGF MMA event.  Anyone familiar with Minowa knows he LOVES leg attacks and is quite brutal with there application.  Apparently Goran and his fight camp did not receive said memo and seemingly invited Minowa to grab Goran's left leg, and allowed Minowa to slide his left leg through and break Goran's femur.  Effective not only in MMA but a fight-ender on the street!  Leg locks and their defense are neglected across the martial spectrum for no good reason.

So sit back and turn down the volume, turn up this leaked Pharoahe Monch and Black Thought collab (from Monch's forthcoming PTSD album) and learn to defend some leg locks tonight! Click here to listen.

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