April 29, 2014

RCJ Machado "United We Conquer" Limited Edition Gi Review

All photo's courtesy of Elton Pinto
One of the best things about RCJ Machado and the entire Machado family is that they are a restless bunch.  Never growing moss and always with 3-4 irons in the fire, the latest offering is the "United We Conquer" limited edition pearl weave gi.  I must be honest here I was not sure what to expect, but was plenty surprised to find a well thought out design and excellently executed fit that is affordable to the average Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. 

This 100% cotton kimono is pre-shrunk with rip stop pants and a pearl weave top.  Quite honestly it is one of the most comfortable washed cotton weaves I have ever come across.  The ripstop pants, lapel, and actual kimono cloth breathe really comfortably and disperse heat well adding to the comfort factor.  Though it is advertised as weighing 6 pounds, my A-4 weighed in at just barely 5.1, but overall the gi wears and feels like a middleweight kimono, certainly more sturdy and durable then a light weight, but much more comfortable and fluid then a heavyweight.

The embroidered logo's and pre-sewn patches are great and not too overboard, though I do believe the RCJ logo on the right calf may be illegal in the eyes of the IBJJF (if such rules and regulations apply to your competition repertoire).    The contrasting yellow and green on black is eye catching and sharp, a homage to the national colors of Brazil without being overly nationalistic.  The RCJ logo has been and will always be a basic rendering of a triangle choke on a standing opponent.  A simple symbol that represents the depth of BJJ to the learned, mirroring the approach the Machado brothers take to their training and teaching.

I love the drawstring cord and the cut of the gi is damn near as precise as I could ask without being custom tailored.  Now keep in mind I am a tall, lanky heavyweight coming in at 215#'s and standing 6'4".  So for my more stout heavyweights you may find the UWC kimono a bit loose.  I suppose you could dry the hell out of it in an attempt to shrink her up a bit but as mentioned earlier it is a pre-shrunk gi and has held it's size pretty darn well.  

The one criticism I have is the above average number of loose threads and sloppy clean up on the stitches.  All seams are solid and completely sewn, but loose threads adorn many of the end threads.  I have worn this gi for over a month now and ha

ve seen no abnormal, nor expedited, wear and tear on the kimono.  Time will tell but as of today no threads are unraveling.  I have had the heavyweights at the dojo pulling and grabbing the hell out of the gi and it has held up stellar.

Available in both white and black gi's with slightly different designs, the $139.99 price tag makes this a steal of a deal.  This is a perfect "everyday at the gym" gi, in that it will hold up to the abuse of training day in and day out all the while being affordable enough to prevent you from having to hold up a bank to afford one.

Click here to be re-directed to the RCJ Online Shop where you can purchase a UWC gi or any number of other items. 

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