June 29, 2014

Chael Sonnen Fails Second Drug Test

I caught some flack online for my Metamoris IV post on Friday where I criticized the Gracie family for turning their premier submission grappling venue into a WWE debacle including the drug frenzied Chael Sonnen.  News dropped that Chael failed yet ANOTHER drug test!  Some folks stated that Chael needs these drugs for medical reasons hence his "retirement" from MMA, and that he should not be criticized nor punished for such acts. 

But our friend and BJJ black belt Henry Akin brought a solid point to the table, which I would personally extend beyond MMA to grappling only events as well:

"I dont mind people taking these substances to help them feel better, stay "younger" that's a personal choice. But when you are competing in a sport where it allows you to punch someone in the head much harder then "normal" its like putting someone in the cage with a weapon. It basically gives you the ability to do far more damage to an opponent. People caught using performance enhancing drugs in combat sports should be criminally charged." 

I am appalled at the apathy towards PED's being blatantly used and abused in our sport.  One gentlemen on FB told me to get over being a "purist," which I am not sure how to even respond to!?  I post Akin's words here because he is much more articulate then I am and he brings a point that few (if any) have addressed.  All too often we speak of the recovery benefits roids and PED's offer athletes, but the simple fact of the matter is they all make you bigger, stronger, faster, etc. not to mention causing mental and emotional swings that are uncontrollable.  Hmmmm, sounds like so many other things we deem socially unacceptable, and in many cases illegal.  Yet it seems like society could care less as long as it entertains them.

I refuse to believe that those of us in the BJJ/grappling community will be so accepting of this machismo attitude that seems to becoming more and more pervasive in our culture. 

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