July 11, 2014

Flow Kimono's Gi Review

Born on a brisk winters night in Boston, the family of Flow Kimonos holds the simplicity and beauty of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in such high regard that they strive to interject those same qualities into every kimono they make.  From what I can see they have succeeded in spades!  For the past couple of months I have been wearing and tearing through Flow's Pro Series (their flagship line) kimono and must admit I am very impressed.

A beautifully simple design gives way to one of the most comfortable commercial gi's available.  With only shoulder patches adorning the gi, the design is reminiscent of old school judo (a time before NASCAR like patch work in BJJ), and the durability is certainly on par with old school dependability.  I have yet to see Flow's hemp line but I can only imagine how stinking durable those gi's are if there standard gi is so tough!?!?  I have worn this gi more than most as of late and have yet to see any wear and tear, not even minimally.  Very impressive durability.

The fit is great and nine different sizing options ensures your body type will find the right size.  Six loops are found on the ripstop pants along with a draw string.  I have experienced minimal bunching and binding, but this is an old school draw string and when really sweaty or wet it does catch a bit.  The draw string keeps tied in rolling though unlike a lot of the thicker cords commonly found on gi pants lately.   Reinforced knees guard against mat burn as well as wear and tear, and triple stitching has kept all seams tight and tidy.  Impressive durability with 8oz pants.  

The kimono jacket has triple stitched seams on the sleeve with smooth ribbon aligning the inside of the cuff (a minor thing that actually makes a big difference when your wrist is getting rubbed raw while rolling).  A triple stitched skirt ensures many reps of gi chokes and attacks.  Flow kimonos Pro Series takes two pulls to get the skirt out of your belt for attacks and the 100% cotton material breathes well.

The sad simple truth is most gi manufacture

rs cannot afford the time nor the resources to make more custom fit kimonos, and most choose a generic cut and pattern and go with that (the law of averages).  Flow is going to set itself apart by offering nine different sizes... essentially the next best thing to actually custom fitting gi's.  The only plip on the radar screen for me is Flow manufactures its kimonos in China and uses pretreated cotton to guard against odor and bacteria build up.  The chemicals used should be questioned in regards to health and longevity not to mention they are made by Dow.

Retailing at $139.99 Flow Kimono's Pro Series is one of 2014's best buys for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast.  A comfortable fit gi that performs with a functionality bested by no one in the $139.99 price bracket.  Click here to order yours today and tell them Jake sent you from The Ground Never Misses.  


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