August 6, 2014

Goeido Promoted to Ozeki

Goeido was promoted to the rank of Ozeki following one of his most dominant performances at the Nagoya basho (12-3)!  Goeido was one of the most promising wrestlers just a few years ago, but ran into consistent performance issues and fell to the rank of Juryo.  This is promising news as he has given the Yokozuna a run for their money as of late.  Congrats to the new Ozeki and we look forward to the next basho.

Enson Inoue would be proud of this quote:
Why did you choose the phrase "Yamato-damashi" (Japanese spirit) in your acceptance statement?
"I chose these words because they reflect the strong endurance and graciousness of the Japanese people, and they convey my feelings in a simple manner."

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