August 24, 2014

Team Lloyd Irvin and Dateline NBC

Georgette Oden broke the news that Dateline NBC has been to Lloyd Irvin's school filming and are planning on returning in September, presumably unaware of the rape culture that has been cultivated at "Team" Lloyd Irvin.  I figure there is no better time as I saw the cult leader himself creeping back into the realm of the UFC, so apparently everyone needs a reminder of just how disgusting and manipulative this man and his "crew
" really are. 

If you agree that Dateline should be investigating the rape culture aspects of TLI, call them and make your opinion known.  their number is (866) 639-7244.  An email address, if you prefer that: 

Sample comment with links to share (feel free to make it your own):

"Please consider the real problems behind the Team Lloyd Irvin facade before you get manipulated into writing a fluff piece to help Lloyd Irvin rebuild his fading money maker and cover up his reputation."

Brent Brookhouse's story stream was very well done:

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