September 3, 2014

Big Mike Taking Big Gold in the Little State of Texas

Big Mike on the far right.  Coach Santos top center.
My good friend and training partner Big Mike Gates recently participated in the Naturally Fit Games in Austin Tx. where he fought his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and WON!  A blue belt under RCJ Machado family member Marcos Santos, Big Mike fell in love with BJJ about two years ago. 

Big Mike is called "Big" Mike because he is not so tiny.  His first opponent was 6'5" and 300#'s!  His second opponent was a soldier from Ft. Hood who was much smaller at only 275 lb's.  A five minute battle on the feet ended with Mike scoring a takedown, scrambling for side control time ran out and gold was procured with a two point takedown! 

Congrats my friend on your first taste of victory.  I remember you coming to support me at the 2010 NAGA World Championships and I made the comment... "So glad you don't do this BJJ stuff.  We would be in the same division!"

Cheers brother! 

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