September 22, 2014

Prof. Francisco Mansur Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Review

My good friend "Big" Mike Gates trains under Marcos Santos in Ft. Worth, TX. and recently was lucky enough to attend a seminar by the great Prof. Francisco Mansur!  For those of you unaware, Prof. Mansur is a living legend being one of only six men awarded instructor rank from Helio Gracie outside of the Gracie family.  Now a 9th degree red-black, Prof. Mansur has settled in New York and continues to be an inspiration to grappling geeks like me!  I am SO jealous of Mike as I have wanted to train with Mansur for years.


Here is what Big Mike had to say:
   "The seminar was a blast! Professor Mansur was the epitome of what a ninth degree black belt should be. At 75 years of age and doing BJJ for 60 years he can STILL roll with the best of them. Believe it or not, instead of all the flashy moves of submission's what he taught and stressed upon were the BASICS. In most BJJ matches the basics are what will save you. Hip escapes, shoulder escapes, bridges, the frame and things we first learn but tend to cast aside for rear naked chokes and arm bars. Nothing wrong with those but the abc's is where it's at.
   He was easy to talk to and would answer any question that anyone had and had great stories of the "old" BJJ days. He invited everyone to his school in Port Jefferson N.Y. as family and to come look him up if we were in town. We owe Marcos Santos a great deal of gratitude for bringing him to our school."

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