October 29, 2009

Rafael Lovato Jr. Seminar

Seaside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy will be hosting a seminar with our affiliate instructor, 2007 Black Belt World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr. This will take place in Seaside at our academy or local highschool, depending on the number of participants. Lovato's seminar will consist of three hours of gi training with short breaks in between and Q&A at the end. Don't miss out on your chance to train with one of the worlds top brazilian jiu jitsu competitors. Anyone interested in learning world class jiu jitsu is encouraged to attend! Contact us at ([email protected]) for questions or registration

Date: Saturday Nov. 14th- Starting Time: 11am- Cost $85

October 28, 2009

Rigan Machado vids

Killing time on Wed AM I stumbled across a number of Rigan vids on Youtube.


Rigan Leg Locks:

Half Guard drills:

Rigan Seminar highlights:

Rigan doing some standup:

Ahhh the things you find on the web....

Oh yes, that is Johnny Fu guys (circa mid 90's)!
We will miss you when you go Johnny!

October 27, 2009

John Will Promotion

From Mr. Will's site:

During his visit to Australia to attend the Asia Pacific Will / Machado National Champs, Rigan Machado took the opportunity to promote John Will to the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt!
A huge congratulations to John from all of us in the Will / Machado organisation.

Congrats from those of us at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy, and the grappling world throughout!

Remember: a black belt is a white belt who never gave up!



Walla Walla Grandma Kicking Ass

This story was too good to pass up! And she is from Walla Walla, WA. to boot!

WALLA WALLA--She's not your typical cage fighter, but that's not stopping a Walla Walla grandmother from trying.

DeEtta Petersen is 49 year old.

She is a mother and grandmother, but age isn't stopping her, it's pushing her.

Being in an MMA fight is part of a "bucket list" before she turns 50.

“It's just one of those things I want to do. I want to get one fight and get my black belt,” DeEtta Petersen said.

DeEtta has been training in mixed martial arts at Calhoon's for about 4 years.

“Originally I brought my son and he was going up through the youth ranks,” DeEtta said.

DeEtta wanted in and after watching her first fight she was hooked.

“It's just one of those things that just intrigues you and draws you in and so I think by the 4th fight I was like I want to try that,” DeEtta said.

Her big fight night was last week, but her competitor was hurt and it was canceled.

She's not giving up; DeEtta plans to fight in the next MMA show in Walla Walla in a few months to see how she stacks up against the competition.

She'll go head to head with 20 year olds, but DeEtta says she's been practicing.

“A lot of guys that come in that are brand new are real scared and don't want to hit a girl or grapple with a girl until she starts working them over and then they want to step up their game,” Travis Maiuri, at trainer at Calhoon’s Mixed Martial Arts.

She has a lot of support and her training team believes she could really do a good job.

She hopes other women will follow in her footsteps, never letting age limit accomplishments.

What do you think... a GILF??


No Gi Worlds 09 Live Stream

For the first time ever the 2009 No Gi World Championships will be broadcast live on No Gi's website! More info coming soon, but they promise to hit most of all the black belt matches, and highlight some of the other match ups throughout the day.

October 26, 2009

Speak of the Devil - Sakuraba vs. Galesic

Speaking of my favorite fighter... here is Saku's fight from Dream 12 over the weekend. He is getting up there in age, but still has skills. This video may not be available long! We see the new "cage" design by Dream, which is more like a fish net, not really a "cage" per se.

This video also demonstrates a couple of things...
-the efficacy of leg attacks
-smooth transition from achille's - toe hold - knee bar
-while at the same time we see the danger of leg attacks (repeated abuse to Saku's head).

So while Sakuraba took some damage, in the end he destroyed Galesic's knee! Saku is still the man!

Don't Be a Knucklehead!

I have never met Keith Owens, but after this clip I would love to! Mad props, great advice!

Sakuraba Technique Breakdown

I stumbled across this cool video of one of my favorite fighters of all times, Kazushi Sakuraba. In this video the editor has broken down Sak's technique base, which is largely from Catch Wrestling (CACC). Regardless of where Sak's technique base comes from he is an amazing grappler, and dominated Pride FC back in the day. Endless fun to watch and just an amazing inspiration to all grapplers and fighters!


Roger Machado Seminar Review

The energy that is given off by someone who so passionately loves what he does is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world! For Roger Machado, BJJ is just that, a conduit of direct transmission of positive energy that is passed on via his teachings over the weekend here in Seattle. A smile was seen on every one of the 30+ faces who showed up and supported the seminar on Sunday where four hours of training zipped by like fall in the northwest.

This was Roger's first visit to the Emerald City and NWJJA, and it was a huge success! Roger's skill on the mat is bested only by his charisma and ability to teach any concept to anyone at any stage of their game. Filled with humor, Roger is a wonderful coach not because he teaches all sorts of fancy flying techniques, or the latest / coolest guard that was just invented. Roger is great because he works on the most basic concepts and offers details that many instructors gloss over in an attempt to "look" cool. And that is exactly what we worked on all weekend.

"You cannot submit your opponent with controlling your opponent." - RM

The official - unofficial theme of the seminar... control, and pressure. For the big guy this comes a bit more naturally, but for the smaller player this is something that is often difficult to manage. Roger offered some of his trade secrets on control and pressure for both cross body, and mount. Offering a bevy of drills designed to increase our pressure and position, Roger then moved seamlessly into attacks, variations on attacks, as well as "baiting" your opponent with one attack in an attempt to set up another attack.

The details Roger taught were excellent. Not overwhelming his student base with dozens of techniques, we stuck with some basic attacks (cross choke, arm bar, triangle) with Roger showing that even a slight angle change can open up other options, or even mean the difference between crushing your opponent and giving them an avenue of escape.

I feel I walk away from the seminar with a deeper understanding of pressure in conjunction with angles both offensively and defensively. I liked that Roger stuck to the basic attacks as I must admit I am weak at those basics! Arm bars from guard, as well as triangles elude me and my game, but I know I need to strengthen those aspects of my fighting. Everyone I spoke with after the seminar was very pleased with their experience, and felt like they took tools away that will be applied immediately.

For those who missed this opportunity...not sure what to say... you passed up an opportunity to train with someone who has been doing BJJ longer than most of us have been alive (over 40 years)!!! The knowledge, skill, and passion Roger has for the art of BJJ is an inspiration for all levels of practitioners regardless of skill level or age!

Much thanks to Roger, Andy at MKG, and all those who turned out to make this seminar a success including folks from Oregon, Washington, and BC!

Train hard, Train Smart!

October 25, 2009

Jiu Jitsu Family Belt Promo

Thursday Oct. 22nd brought some well deserved belt promotions with our little Jits-Family at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy. Brian is old school when it comes to promotions, meaning no one "gets" a belt, it is always earned. And he does not hand them out very often at that. After a little talk about what it takes to make a certain belt, and recognizing a few stand out students at recent tourneys it was time to hand out the glory of colored ranks!

Too many students got stripes that evening to list, but here are the rest:
Something like 70% of students never stick around to make blue belt, making it often one of the most coveted belts just for the simple fact that you kept up the hard work and persevered! Congrats to "Judo" Bob / Mike "Shadow" Robinson / "Judo" (obviously we need a new nickname here with all the Judoka) Matt / Jose "You don't need a nickname when you have a name like Jose" / Randy "Canadian" Bacon!

Beating the blues (read this awesome blurb John Will posted about the rank of blue belt) is tough to do in an of itself but we had two long timers that have rightfully earned the rank: Mike "Chicken Wing" Leary / and Raul "The Doctor Is In" both earned their purple belts!

Thursday night was monumental with Brian promoting two students to brown belt; Korbett "Bone In" Miller and Johnny Fu! Congrats guys, you have worked your asses off to attain brown belt!

Remember a black belt is nothing than a white belt who never quit and gave up!

October 22, 2009

Martial Sculptures

Ran across this site years ago and just sifted through my bookmarks on some down time and re-discovered it. Michael Keropian Sculptures are nothing short of beautiful, and come in a variety of mediums (bronze, resins etc.). Not only is his art great, but he has produced a few martial art related pieces that are absolutely beautiful!

Chang Tung Sheng is arguably China's most famous Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling) champions of all time! Nicknamed the "Iron Butterfly" it is said (and with anything CMA related we must take with a HUGE grain of salt!) he was never defeated to the day of his death. Regardless of the accuracy of this statement, Chang is solely responsible for the dissemination of Shuai Chiao here in North America. I wish I would have met him back in the day!

Sun Lu Tang needs no introduction to anyone involved in the CMA. Famous fighter at the turn of the 20th century, Sun taught Taiji, Xing Yi, and Bagua to hundreds of students throughout China. Sun is also the first individual to publish a martial arts book in China.

The other two sculptures are geared more towards the Japanese side of the martial spectrum with two samurai locked in battle, and a beautiful two piece set of a martial practitioner sitting in Seiza, preparing for practice.

Regardless of your preference these pieces should be owned by anyone serious about their martial practice, and with the holidays approaching these make great gifts. I must warn you though, a year or two ago when I inquired about prices (there is always a reason prices are not listed beside the art!!!!) were quite exuberant for such small pieces. Regardless these pieces are unique and a treasure to those who can afford them!


October 21, 2009

Andy Dale Seminar Series

My good friend Andy Dale has launched a new series of seminars geared towards teachers and teaching. This is an amazing concept and has peaked my curiosity. I am not sure if there are restrictions to who can attend (contact Andy for questions), but you just may see me there if I can free up my Monday evenings. Sounds like some good stuff, and Andy is an amazing teacher. He has had a school open in Seattle, WA. teaching martial arts longer than I have been alive!! And I am getting old!! Check it out if you are involved with the Chinese martial arts.

10th Planet Site Launch / Bravo Seminar in Vancouver

Eddie Bravo and his 10th Planet crew just launched their new site. Check it out here! Nice site with lots of cool videos, instructional's, and various random thoughts by Bravo.

Also Eddie will be visiting Vancouver, BC. Nov. 28th for a 12-4pm seminar.

October 19, 2009

Final Round MMA Digital Magazine

A couple of great BJJ interviews in the first edition of "Final Round" an all digital format magazine. Roy Dean and Carlos Machado offer some nice interviews along with some other MMA stars and up and comers.


Korbett "Bone In" Miller Wins!

Good friend, and BJJ brother, Korbett 'Bone In' Miller of Millers Martial Arts won the "old man" purple belt 180# division this weekend at the US Open. Here is his first fight:

Check back for other videos as K was having trouble downloading them.
Congrats brother! A big accomplishment!


Training with a Living Legend - Saulo Ribeiro

Different people learn different ways. For me I am a very hands on, principle based student. I do not remember fancy combination's, or long drawn out techniques. I remember basic principles that adhere to my weapon base. In other words I remember simple movements based on the way our body naturally moves based on its physiology. My teachers Tim Cartmell, and Brian Johnson are perfect examples of such teachers. This weekend I was very happy to meet, and train with a teacher who exemplifies such an approach to Jiu Jitsu; Saulo Ribeiro.

This was Saulo's first visit to Seattle, WA. hosted by Marcelo Alonso BJJ at Fife HS wrestling room. Attended by about 60 people total, it was an amazing experience had by all! I have heard many, many good things about the world champion, but none of those things came close to actually experiencing his energy, attitude, and ability on the mat!

Saulo recently announced his retirement from competing in the ADCC Championships in an effort to focus more on his teaching and training of MMA champions, grappling champions, and regular everyday students at his San Diego based University of Jiu Jitsu. Though this decision was hard for him, one can easily see why he made such a decision... his passion and love for the art is second to none, and he genuinley wants the art of Jiu Jitsu to flourish! Between seminars like this, and his amazing book I can see the future holds nothing but success for Saulo and his brother Xande!

Day 1 - Gi
Peppering the physical lessons with his philosophy of Jiu Jitsu, Saulo wears his heart on his sleeve and is not abashed about sharing his thoughts with his captive audience. I got just as much from his words as I did from his actions. The man is a living embodiement of applying the principles, the lifestyle, of Jiu Jitsu in every facet of his life. Again reflections of my coaches were glimpsed throughout the weekend.

“If you think, you are late. If you are late, you use strength. If you use strength, you tire. And if you tire, you die!” Saulo Ribeiro.

The whole weekend was about principles of structure and posture. "You cannot worry about countering until you have successfully defended." warned Saulo. He walked us through several escapes from strenuous positions such as cross body, cross body with head control, as well as mount, and a counter for the "new" hot position: 50/50 Guard! All these escapes were based upon proper structure both with our bodies as well as building a shield with our arms and legs. Saulo was adimant about us not using excessive strength or power. Several "demo dummies" were chastized for using their strength and explosive power: "What if you could not push me with your arms, how would you escape?" For those in attendance you can reference Saulo's book starting at page 60 for much of what we covered. For those not in attendance hoping to gleam a nugget of knowledge from Jake's blog.... Saulo covered details in person that are not presented on page 60 of his book!

Saulo did not overwhelm us with numerous techniques or combo's, but rather taught a handful of principles that can be applied to many scenario's, and we constantly referenced said principles throughout the weekend.

Some highlights of Saulo's Gi training:
  • You MUST train the gi to get good at no gi! No Gi techniques are predicated on Gi training.
  • Do not think of countering until you have escaped and successfully defended your opponents attack.
  • White and blue belt is all about survival. This is integral to your growth. These humbling years (though it only took Saulo 4 years to achieve black belt) are what makes you a champion.
  • There is no "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu," there is only "Jiu Jitsu." No nationality is involved as so many from various backgrounds have contributed to the growth and development of the art as we know it now. (This was refreshing to hear especially from a Brazilian. All too often machismo and bullshit nationalistic pride gets needlessly intermingled into the art of Jiu Jitsu. Saulo was adimant about this correcting several of us throughout the weekend!)
  • Tapping is the smartest thing you will ever do. It does not impress anyone when you hold out on that choke. Your neck will be sore for a week. Tapping out makes nothing sore except maybe your ego. If it hurts your ego to tap, you are missing the point of Jiu Jitsu and it will take you twice as long to progress.
Day 2 - No Gi
Saulo rarely teaches No Gi seminars as he beleives that there is little need to train no gi. He does not even have a no gi class at his academy. But because Marcelo asked him to, Saulo obliged.
We started the morning with some warmups from Gymnastic Natural which were great additions for any grappler. Gentle, smooth movements designed to warm up and stretch the body all the while incorporating movements found within grappling. A couple were new to me, but again Brian and Tim have a VERY similar approach to their teaching so I have seen similar movements and warmups from them. This made it easy to integrate all of this into my ever expanding repetoire of techniques and warmups!

We quickly moved into some clinch work which was great! Saulo told me in a personal conversation that he integrates clinch work and throws into every class he teaches! "The 40 basic techniques of Judo are a requirement in my academy." - Saulo

Again Saulo weaved standup to ground effortlessly by chaining one principle based movement to another, and before you know it we were working on one of his trademark sweeps that he used just recently at the ADCC World Championshiops!

Some highlights of day 2 with Saulo:
  • The main difference between gi and no gi training is grips, and timing. But we cannot dismiss aspects such as explosiveness, strength, power, and speed. Sure no gi is easier because we can compensate for lack of skill and technique by utilizing strength and speed. Then go throw on a gi and all of the sudden you are not so good! Why? The gi forces us to learn posture, position, technique, leverage etc. These skills take time to aquire. Saulo was very adamant about the recent fad of no gi training (obviously aimed at people such as Greg Jackson and Eddie Bravo), and his thoughts were summed up here: "If you are not training the gi, you are not doing jiu jitsu. Period. You are a submission wreslter, but not a jiu jitsu player. The gi is our heritage, our tradition, our foundation."
  • That being said; we will see submission wrestling in the Olympics before we see BJJ in them simply because within the BJJ community we are so disorganized and too interested in individual ego.
  • Timing and anticipation are key to the no gi game. You must anticipate what your opponent will do and exploit him when he goes to do it.
  • Strength and power are certainly aspects of the no gi game, but you must use them wisely.
  • Challenge yourself... just because no gi is easier, does not mean you should spend the majority of the time training no gi. If you want your no gi to improve, train with the gi.
  • Butt scooters are not held in high regard with Saulo. "If you pull guard and I stand up, and all you do is scoot on your ass, then I know you are scared to stand with me. I know your standup game is no good if you are not even willing to try to take me to the ground!

Here is a video Roy Dean shared on his blog in what looks like a small private lesson with Saulo. Just to give a taste of his teaching approach:

Here is a great highlight video of the Ribeiro brothers in case you have been in a grappling cave for the past 10 years:

If you have the opportunity to train with Saulo or his brother Xande, do yourself the favor and take advantage. Rumor has it next time both brothers will visit Seattle! My only gripe with the weekend was no one was allowed to video tape the event. So many details were shared that a video reference would be nice as I am sure my "foggy" memory is filtering several things out (that being said do not take anything here as a direct quote, I am paraphrasing much of what Saulo shared). Certainly one of the more memorable learning opportunities I have been a part of.

Train hard, Train smart,

October 16, 2009

New (To me) BJJ Blog

Straight Blast Gym Portland has a brown belt, Cane Prevost, who has a pretty decent blog going called "The Gentle Art." I put a list from his site below on the top 20 ways to be a dick in grappling practice! Given the events as of late at several schools, I think this is fitting! Hopefully you do NOT fall into any of these categories!


Here’s my list of some of the ways to be a real Dick when grappling.

  1. Make every roll feel like the finals at Mundial. ALWAYS bring your A game. Unless you roll hard all the time you aren’t progressing.
  2. Don’t bother washing your gi. In fact, keep it in a ball in your bag. That way when you put it on it’s already wet. Nothing like grabbing a guy with a cold wet gi.
  3. Always leave your gi pants at home. Grapple in your top and shorts. Sambo style! When you do that don’t forget to grab the other guys pants legs for all your passes.
  4. Always beat down new guys. That way they know the power of BJJ right away. They need to know how effective it is.
  5. If you know a cool counter to what the teacher is showing be sure to show it RIGHT AWAY. Especially when the instructor is talking. That way you can look cool. By the way, every technique has a counter.
  6. Always use full resistance in class. Especially when in learning stage. If your partner is learning an armbar for the first time you need to give them full resistance so that they know how that feels. Don’t let them get it!
  7. If you are about to get subbed switch into coach mode. Coach your partner through the rest of the technique. That way you get credit for HIS sub.
  8. If you get tired in a roll wait until you are in a bad position to stop.
  9. When you get tapped by a bigger guy always tell them after the roll “Dang, you are strong!” That way you can blame their win on their strength instead of their technique.
  10. Keep track of everyone you’ve tapped, what you used to tap them, and when it happened. Relive those moment with your classmates before every class.
  11. Gun after everyone who is higher rank than you. That way you can put a notch on your belt for tapping out a higher belt.
  12. When you get a tap immediately jump up and do a victory dance. Make sure everyone in the room knows.
  13. Drop in and out of class as you see fit. Don’t bother to do the warm ups. If the material doesn’t look cool to you be sure to pull your buddy out of class and grapple on the side of the mat while class is going on. ALWAYS do this if class is covering something you’ve learned already. Review is for white belts.
  14. Along those same lines, always show up late. That way you don’t have to even bother with warm ups.
  15. When you have a visitor in from another gym you MUST put a beat down on them. That’s the only way they will know how good your gym is. It is your job to uphold the reputation of your gym.
  16. Nobody minds if you roll with open sores. Go ahead and grind that scab in my face. I don’t mind at all.
  17. Long fingernails are a great sparring weapon. Don’t cut them. Toenails either.
  18. Small joint locks are your secret weapon. Grab and twist fingers. Do it hard and fast.
  19. Don’t tap! Doesn’t matter that the arm is totally straight and you can hear the tendons ripping. You might still get out! Your pride is worth it.
  20. Slam on all submissions hard and fast! That way you get twice as many. Doesn’t matter that your partner won’t have time to tap until it’s too late. This is BJJ. If you don’t want to get hurt then take up yoga or TKD.

October 14, 2009

Alberto Crane returns to the cage

According to Abu Dhabi Combat Club's site, one of our favorite fighters, and teachers, here in Seattle, WA. Alberto Crane will be stepping into the cage once again in Called Out II in Ontario, CA. November 14th. Alberto will have his work cut out for him as he will face tough veteran Wander Braga in what promises to be a grappling clinic with two BJJ black belts both of which are renown for their submission skills.

Everyone in Seatown and at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy wish all the luck to Alberto and his fight team!

Train Hard, Train Smart -

"Grappling Kings" Trailer

New documentary coming out soon focused on Grapplers Quest and the grappling phenomenon! Grappling Kings is the name. Looks good!

Book Review - "Passing the Guard" 2nd Ed.

Okay lets get it out of the way... this will be a very biased review since Tim Cartmell, co-author of "Passing the Guard," is my teacher. And it is his unrelenting commitment to the highest standard in his teachings, and his writing / translation work, that has kept me as a student of his for going on 8 years now. This 2nd edition, fully revised and expanded (100+ more pages), once again sets a standard for BJJ / grappling based texts will have to strive for in the future.

Brand new glossy paper, combined with over 75% of the pictures re-shot in digital, make this a visually stunning book and the instruction crystal clear. The co-author, Ed Beneville, chose to keep some of the pictures from the first edition (just in case you were wondering why Tim had purple and brown belts in some of the pictures) for editorial reasons, but overall the quality and clarity of the pictures has improved ten fold.

As with the first edition the layout of "Passing the Guard" is easy on the eyes, and quite easy to follow even with the impressive amount of photographs. Where some books show 4-6 pictures with each technique often times glossing over transitional movements, here the authors have broken down and exhibit every minute detail often times over 8-15 photo's! These photographs are trumped only by the text which offers students of the grappling game great details and small hints that come from years and years of time on the mat.

Written in clear, concise language we are walked through the fundamentals of grips, balance, posture, and what exactly the guard is and why it is so important. Rigan Machado states that 80% of BJJ is working the guard, and trying to pass the guard! Coming from arguably the best grappler ever, it seems to be an important position that one should become proficient at both offensively and defensively. A great aspect of this book is that the authors showcase bad positions and what happens when you make mistakes. This is great because many instructionals tell you "not to put your hands there" but never explain WHY!?!?

Again this book is comprehensive in its scope covering all aspects of passing the guard, maintaining the guard, 1/2 guard, turtle positions, passing from the knees, standing passes, and in this new edition more focus was put on various attacks including leg attacks that are, for the most part, banned in BJJ competition but are essential to self defense situations and no gi grappling (such as the Abu Dhabi Grappling Championships). Counters to popular techniques such as the lockdown are covered, but the focus on maintaining position is the foundation that all attacks are predicated upon. The authors even state to abandon attacks if one feels they are in danger of getting swept or pulled back into the guard.

Personally knowing Tim and training under his detailed eye I must say that the best addition to this pivotal book is the chapter on drills and solo exercises. Sadly missing from most all texts on grappling, solo exercises are essential because not only do they build strength, endurance, and power but they also mimic actual techniques one would do on the mat. Reinforcement in your muscle memory will pay dividends in your grappling game. Tim came to Seattle about 1 1/2 years ago to offer a whole seminar on solo grappling drills and I must say it was one of his best seminars! Here is a peak at some of his many exercises and drills that will challenge even the most fit black belt! Rumors have been abound regarding Tim making a DVD on solo exercises for both grappling and stand up combat. Stay tuned!

What more can I say, this book is essential. To be honest all three of the Guard volumes are invaluable, and should rest on the shelves of any serious grappler. Some of the best photography I have seen in the martial publication world. Great details from qualified experts sharing their game. "Passing the Guard" is one of the best books on the BJJ media market. Buy it today and if you are not happy I will buy it back from you!


October 13, 2009

No Gi Closed Guard Seminar w/ Brian Johnson

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy's own Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson will be offering a workshop on his closed guard no gi game in Garden Grove, CA. Monday Nov. 9th 2009! This is a great opportunity to train with a first degree Machado black belt who has been dominating the lightweight and absolute divisions over the past two years at such events as Grapplers Quest, NAGA, as well as taking Silver at the 08 No Gi Worlds! Three hours of instruction for a measly $25!!!!

Contact Jake Burroughs at 206-941-3232 / [email protected] to reserve your spot or for more information.

October 12, 2009

Last Call to Train with a Legend

Last Call on the Roger Machado seminar on the 25th! We have a handful of spots available but they are going fast. Click here for the original posting with all pertinent information.

This is Prof. Machado's first visit to Seattle, WA. and he is one of two (the other being his brother Rigan) 7th degree black belts in BJJ to ever offer lessons in Washington State! Do not miss this opportunity to train with one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure to learn under.


October 7, 2009

Hansen vs. Aoki III

Here is the second round of Dream 11 the other night where Joachim Hansen and Shinya Aoki (yes the one with the crazy ass pants)met for their third fight in MMA history. Shinya is one of the sickest grapplers in MMA, and one of my favorite fighters. Though the majority of this fight was rather dull, Aoki gets a couple of interesting takedowns and finishes with a great armbar with just seconds left in the 2nd round.

Check out this short article where Aoki gives some mad props to BJ Penn, and talks about his desire to fight BJ in the near future!

October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike

Happy birthday brother! I am sure you are smiling down upon all of us wherever you are. Be in peace and know I will hoist my glass to you in celebration of our times together, none of them wasted!

We miss you Mike!

Jake, Dana, Nemo and all your students and friends!

October 2, 2009

Catch Wrestling Interview

For those of you unaware Lockflow is a great martial resource that is based out of the Pac NW, and they have recently made a "newsletter" for anyone interested in the various martial arts. This months focus just so happens to be on Catch Wrestling and they have an interesting interview with Kris Iatskevitch about the art. It is short and sweet, but to the point.

Check it out!

October 1, 2009

Modern Catch as Catch Can Wrestling

Catch as Catch Can (Catch Wrestling) is gaining in popularity as all grappling based styles or systems have been so far this decade, so I wanted to include a great article by Kris Iatskevich.

Click here to read the whole article!

Kris is the head instructor of the Quebec Toe Hold Club, and offers some really interesting insights into the grappling phenomenon and Catch wrestling's influence on, and from, various other grappling based systems.

Those of you unfamiliar with CACC can look towards the likes of Kazushi Sakuraba for a modern day popular warrior that uses CACC in his MMA fighting and is actually very, very proficient in the ring utilizing the strategies and techniques found in CACC.

Hope you enjoy the article. I hope to get Kris' DVD's sometime in the future.

Train Hard, Train Smart