October 25, 2009

Jiu Jitsu Family Belt Promo

Thursday Oct. 22nd brought some well deserved belt promotions with our little Jits-Family at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy. Brian is old school when it comes to promotions, meaning no one "gets" a belt, it is always earned. And he does not hand them out very often at that. After a little talk about what it takes to make a certain belt, and recognizing a few stand out students at recent tourneys it was time to hand out the glory of colored ranks!

Too many students got stripes that evening to list, but here are the rest:
Something like 70% of students never stick around to make blue belt, making it often one of the most coveted belts just for the simple fact that you kept up the hard work and persevered! Congrats to "Judo" Bob / Mike "Shadow" Robinson / "Judo" (obviously we need a new nickname here with all the Judoka) Matt / Jose "You don't need a nickname when you have a name like Jose" / Randy "Canadian" Bacon!

Beating the blues (read this awesome blurb John Will posted about the rank of blue belt) is tough to do in an of itself but we had two long timers that have rightfully earned the rank: Mike "Chicken Wing" Leary / and Raul "The Doctor Is In" both earned their purple belts!

Thursday night was monumental with Brian promoting two students to brown belt; Korbett "Bone In" Miller and Johnny Fu! Congrats guys, you have worked your asses off to attain brown belt!

Remember a black belt is nothing than a white belt who never quit and gave up!

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