October 22, 2009

Martial Sculptures

Ran across this site years ago and just sifted through my bookmarks on some down time and re-discovered it. Michael Keropian Sculptures are nothing short of beautiful, and come in a variety of mediums (bronze, resins etc.). Not only is his art great, but he has produced a few martial art related pieces that are absolutely beautiful!

Chang Tung Sheng is arguably China's most famous Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling) champions of all time! Nicknamed the "Iron Butterfly" it is said (and with anything CMA related we must take with a HUGE grain of salt!) he was never defeated to the day of his death. Regardless of the accuracy of this statement, Chang is solely responsible for the dissemination of Shuai Chiao here in North America. I wish I would have met him back in the day!

Sun Lu Tang needs no introduction to anyone involved in the CMA. Famous fighter at the turn of the 20th century, Sun taught Taiji, Xing Yi, and Bagua to hundreds of students throughout China. Sun is also the first individual to publish a martial arts book in China.

The other two sculptures are geared more towards the Japanese side of the martial spectrum with two samurai locked in battle, and a beautiful two piece set of a martial practitioner sitting in Seiza, preparing for practice.

Regardless of your preference these pieces should be owned by anyone serious about their martial practice, and with the holidays approaching these make great gifts. I must warn you though, a year or two ago when I inquired about prices (there is always a reason prices are not listed beside the art!!!!) were quite exuberant for such small pieces. Regardless these pieces are unique and a treasure to those who can afford them!


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