November 16, 2009

09 No Gi World Video's - David / Brian / Jake

Here we go kids, video from the 2009 No Gi Worlds of Brian Johnson, David Meyer, and yours truly!

Here is Brian's lightweight final:

Here is Brian's open weight fight with Stephen Hall:

David's final match in the open weight division:

David's semi- final match in the open weight division:

Here is the Blue Belt master final (I did not tape my earlier fights because we thought we were not allowed to). This is my first tournament win, and first submission. Respect the wristlock bitches!!!!

My first fight in the Blue Belt open weight division:

Second fight in the open division. Hands down the strongest and toughest opponent I had all day. This is my best match IMO, as I played my game to the "T" and nailed the kimura!

Here is my finals match in the open weight division. It was my turn to be the nail! All in all a good day!

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