November 16, 2009

Entangled Arm Seminar Review

Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson of NW Jiu Jitsu Academy was a special guest at the Shen Wu Academy of Mixed Martial Arts in Garden Grove, CA. on November 9, 2009 for a 3 hour seminar on the Entangled Arm (overhook) from closed guard. This will most likely be the last seminar at the Wu, since head instructor Tim Cartmell is merging his school with Ace Jiu Jitsu.

The entangled arm is a HUGE part of Brian's game where he will work submissions, transitions, and sweeps from the closed guard. I have made it a huge part of my game as well with great success (check out both of our No Gi World videos below to see us working the entangled arm). Brian offered the basics of the position and then built on from there making a logical progression from position, posture breaking, maintaining position, to sweep attempt, to counter attack, to submission. Showcasing a couple of his patented triangle setups, as well as a sick arm bar or two!

This was a great seminar attended by about 13 students of various levels from throughout the Southern Cali region. For those interested Brian offers seminar's and workshops worldwide, or for those local to the Seattle, WA. are he is available for private instruction as well as group lessons! Throw me an email for more information on either: [email protected]


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