November 27, 2009

Jake's teachers...

Some folks have been asking me about my teachers, and the great influences martially for me. Of course all of you (if you have been paying attention) know Brian J. Johnson (yes, those really are his initials! Fortuitous eh!?) who is my BJJ / Vale Tudo coach. And of course Tim Cartmell has been the biggest influence on my martial arts game period! Learning both stand up and BJJ from Tim has been nothing short of pivotal in my martial career.

But it occurred to me that perhaps many of you have not seen video of my teachers, and their teachers. Lineage is a fascinating subject matter in the martial arts, some take it more serious than others. But regardless of its importance to you, the knowledge passed on from one generation to another is crucial to the survival of the art, and really kind of amazing when you sit down and REALLY think about it!

So here are some videos I have been able to scrounge up on the web of my various teachers and some of their teachers as well!


Here is a clip from when Tim was a Purple Belt:

Here Tim is training with Xie Pei Qi (Yin Fu Bagua):

Great Bagua throw:

Here is the beautiful Sun Jian Yun, Sun Lu Tang's daughter, doing Sun Taiji. Tim studied Sun Taiji, and Bagua under Sun and her family while living in China:

Here is Mao Ming Chun one of Tim's teachers doing some Xing Yi. Tim studied Li Gui Changs Xing Yi under Mao:

Luo De Xiu, one of Tim's Bagua teachers from Taiwan:

Hu Xi Lin, my Mantis teacher in BC has been another guiding light in my martial journey. I met him and Tim around the same time and have trained with both nonstop since! Here are some clips from various seminars and training sessions we had throughout the years. Everyone always asks if I am "giving" him something, going with it, not resisting.... the simple answer He takes whatever he wants, and hopefully you tap quick enough!

Here is one of the only clips I am aware of showcasing Ma Han Qin, Hu Laoshi's teacher in Plum Blossom and Six Harmonies Mantis Boxing. This was part of a documentary project my uncle Ilya Profatilov was working on, but it never came to fruition to the best of my knowledge. Ilya is the one just off camera smoking. This is a shame since Ilya collected TONS of articles, photos, and video of Ma Laoshi before he passed. I hope it does not die with Ilya!

And I could never forget one of the biggest influences on me, as well as one of the most broken hearts I have ever had, Mike Martello. Here is a link to a playlist, as Mike put up too many videos to cut and paste here. Search Mike Martello on Youtube and you will find tons of shots.
Miss you Mike!

If you are more interested in my lineage, some of the teachers I have trained with that are not shown here, or any of the teachers above feel free to visit Three Harmonies and puruse the specific style pages for lineage charts, articles section for information on various teachers, and if you have any questions feel free to email me.


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