November 5, 2009

Mongolian Wrestling Sources

I wrote a book review of "The Last Wrestlers" a while back which is one of the only books, in English, that mentions Mongolian Wrestling and gives a nice first person account of grappling in Inner Asia. Since that time I have found more sources on line for this rarely seen martial art. With Aaron's seminar coming up I thought I would gather some good links and offer some sources for those interested.

Here is a Mongolian Cultural blog that offers some old photo's and basic info on wrestling.

Another blog on Mongolia in general offers this page on the various aspects of wrestling.

This is hands down one of my favorite videos off of Youtube. Not only does it showcase some great takedowns and throws from awesome wrestlers, but it also gives a sneak preview of some of the cultural aspects such as the Eagle Dance, and the great respect and sportsmanship these grapplers of the steppe have for each other.

The music is nothing short of amazing! Mongolia is known for its throat singing which is very rare, unique, and from what I understand, difficult to do. The song is "Erge-Sholee Biste Turda" which can be found on the album "If I'd Been Born an Eagle" by the band Huun-Huur-Tu. (Yes I did buy the CD for that song, and yes it was a pain in the ass to find!) A great documentary to check out is called "Genghis Blues" which follows a blind blues musician to Tuva in an attempt to learn throat singing. A great story regardless of your interest in the topic!

Mongolian Wolf on Youtube has a bunch of videos of wrestling.

Here is a great video showcasing various competitions from 1948-1958. Also it gives the viewer an idea of what the language sounds like in Mongolia. I have not knowingly ever heard Mongolian which is based on the Turkish language if I am not mistaken, not Chinese like many believe. Their script is beautiful!

The current Sumo champions (yokozuna) Asashoryu, and Hakuho both are from Mongolia and have come from traditional Mongolian wrestling backgrounds. Their domination of the competition has been nothing short of amazing!


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